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Apartments take a lot of wear and tear because of the number of people that move in and out over the years. They also tend to experience vastly different levels of cleandliness and maintenance because of the habits of different tenants. Ensure that your apartment building is safe to live in and that you are not liable for any property damage which may occur in the future by giving us a call. We can inspect individual units as well as the building as a whole. Our inspectors look for mold, code violations, and structural damage. You want your apartment complex to be a great place to live in and we will make sure that it is.

Inspections for the buildings that need them most

    •  Apartment conversion reports

    •  Multiple unit income properties

    •  Pool and spa inspection

    •  Chimney and fire inspection

    •  Mold inspection

    •  Building condition reports

    •  Special need reports

Detailed inspection reports

We will prepare a comprehensive inspection checklist customized for your building based on what you want inspected. After our inspection is complete we prepare a detailed report complete with pictures of everything that we found. Often rush is available on these reports and they can be done in under 24 hours.

Commercial property inspection