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Basements, rec rooms, or other rooms that are rented out require thorough inspections. This is due to the fact that building codes require that a specific set of conditions are met in order for a person to legally live as a resident in that space. When you call us for inspections, we can let you know what, if any, changes you need to make in order to be up to code. One of the main concerns with multiple dwelling units is safety. For example, basements can often be areas where mold can grow. Additionally, if they don't have an easy exit in case of fires, it may not be legal to live in that space. Some other examples of buildings which fall under multiple unit dwellings are condominiums and retirement communities.

Our inspections ensure that your unit is a safe place to live

    •  Apartment conversion reports

    •  Multiple unit income properties

    •  Pool & spa inspection

    •  Chimney & fire inspection

    •  Mold inspection

    •  Building condition reports

    •  Special need reports

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Our multiple dwelling inspection services include: